ALL FOR PAWS Furry Ball Long Fluffy Wand

ALL FOR PAWS Furry Ball Long Fluffy Wand

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A fun and enticing teaser toy for cats the All for Paws Furry Ball Long Fluff Wand is perfect for promoting active play for cats of all ages, helping you build a special bond with your favourite feline friend.

Made with premium quality materials to offer a range of textures and engaging colours the All for Paws Furry Ball Long Fluff Wand is bright and colourful, packed with features to ensure tons of fluffy fun for all felines. Designed as a teaser wand enabling you to join in the fun with your cat it features a tempting fluffy plush body on the end of the wand great for dangling in front of your cat to promote active play and encourage natural instincts.

The ideal solution for combatting feline boredom and satisfying your cat’s natural desires to hunt, pounce, paw and play the All for Paws Furry Ball Long Fluff Wand offers not only a fluffy target for your cat to attack, but also features a tempting jingle bell at the bottom jingling with every movement to encourage natural instincts promoting healthy exercise and providing tons of physical and mental enrichment essential for your cat’s health and wellbeing.
A bright, colourful fluffy teaser for cats
Made with premium quality fabrics to entice your cat and encourage natural instincts
Satisfies your cats natural desires to hunt, paw, pounce and play
Highly visible, perfect for play anywhere in the home
With jingle bell encouraging active play and igniting your cat’s hunting instincts
Promotes active play and essential exercise for a happy, healthy cat
May help to prevent unwanted behaviours in the home
Perfect for building a special bond between pet and owner, encouraging interactive play
Provides both mental and physical stimulation for the health and wellbeing of your cat
Suitable for cats of all ages
1 per pack, approximately 115.5cm L x 7.5cm