ROSEWOOD Carrot Cottage

ROSEWOOD Carrot Cottage

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Small animals like gerbils, hamsters, and rabbits are often kept in cages because of their natural foraging instincts. They can cause serious damage to your favourite items if they start to have an itch to scratch or nibble on something. The Rosewood Naturals Edible Carrot Cottage is designed to keep your pet busy and confined to a place where it can also enjoy enticing treats. It intends to encourage your lovely furball to be active and indulge in exercising by having fun climbing and exploring this edible carrot cottage.

The Rosewood Naturals carrot cottage is built using parchment board that is durable and stays stable on the ground without slipping too much. Furthermore, this board frame is coated in hay and carrot, both of which are enticing food items liked by most furry animals. The Naturals small animal treats help satiate your friends palate with their tempting aroma and flavour. In addition to this, these carrot treats for rabbits also help encourage an active play in critters and rodents.

They will love to go up and down this cottage. You can treat them with the Rosewood small animal treats indoors or outdoors as long as you keep an eye on them. The Rosewood Naturals carrot house is available in small size for hamsters and other small rodents, medium size for guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus, and large size for rabbits.

Product Dimensions:

Small - 10 cm (D) x 15 cm (W) x 9 cm (H)

Medium - 18 x 27 x 20cm
Large - 24 x 37 x 25cm


Product Benefits

  • Edible carrot cottage made from sturdy parchment board
  • Tough and stays stable on the ground
  • Covered in hay and vegetable starch on the sides and with a carrot mix on the top
  • Helps promote hours of pleasure in your beloved furball
  • Available in small, medium, and large sizes