When a dog arrives with severely matted fur, we shave the entire coat for a humane and gentle grooming experience. De-matting can cause significant stress and often damages the coat, while shaving is quicker and less traumatic for the dog. We choose shaving to prevent grooming aversion in the future.

After shaving, the skin may be red from lack of air circulation and trapped dirt, and sores may be exposed that need veterinary care. It's normal for dogs to scratch post-shave, but if they scratch excessively and break the skin, consult your vet.

After being shaved, dogs often feel lighter, cooler, and more balanced, with many enjoying renewed freedom of movement and displaying more vitality. However, some dogs may feel embarrassed about their baldness and could hide for days. Their skin may feel suede-like and, depending on your dog's color, appear quite pink. Regardless of appearance, your pet will likely feel better overall.

A severely matted dog can suffer from various health problems such as:
Hotspots & sores
Fungal & bacterial infections
Yeast infection
Flea infestation
Moist eczema
Mites & lice
Maggot infestation
Eye & ear infection
Severe itching

Now is the perfect time to start a home grooming routine, as your dog's coat is currently short and manageable. Begin with gentle strokes to make the sessions enjoyable, and reward your dog afterwards. As the coat grows, progress from a soft brush to a comb. Remember to brush before and after bathing. If you can't keep up at home, consider regular professional grooming.

Thank you for prioritizing your dog's welfare and aiming for a positive, stress-free grooming experience. Avoiding prolonged grooming avoids discomfort; your dog's coat will quickly regrow healthier, and most importantly, your dog will be happier. Please ensure to regularly comb your dog!

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