ANCOL Heritage Tartan Bear

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The Firm Cuddly Dog Toy was explicitly created to optimise the cuddle experience for your pet. It is a suitable option for canines that derive pleasure from interactive play and physical affection.

This plush toy offers diverse tactile surfaces, ensuring prolonged engagement and enjoyment for your pet. Including a pre-installed squeaker in the toy ensures a sustained level of interest and engagement from your pet over an extended duration.

This toy retains the comforting scents that pets find calming, allowing them to engage in play within a familiar and secure atmosphere.

Using recycled materials in its composition contributes to its pleasant and fluffy nature, thereby exemplifying our commitment to environmental responsibility.

The toy's length, measuring 29 cm, renders it suitable for both interactive play and comforting, offering a pleasant and tranquil experience for your canine companion.

The Ancol family has been acknowledged as a trailblazer in the pet accessories market since 1971, renowned for producing top-notch products.

The celebration of this heritage is exemplified in the Heritage Collection, which showcases a diverse range of luxurious canine toys, beds, and jackets meticulously constructed from traditional and natural materials.

Nevertheless, notwithstanding its endearing aesthetic and intricate construction, this plaything is not impervious to damage. Ensuring the presence of a supervisory individual during pet playtime is crucial to optimise the enjoyment and well-being of both parties involved.

In order to exhibit our commitment towards environmental preservation and proactive engagement, the packaging of this product has been constructed using materials that possess high recyclability attributes.

The Firm Cuddly Dog Toy provides entertainment for dogs and offers a sense of comfort and delight when possessed by them.

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