ANIFORTE PureNature Wild Forest - Pets Villa
ANIFORTE PureNature Wild Forest - Pets Villa
ANIFORTE PureNature Wild Forest - Pets Villa
ANIFORTE PureNature Wild Forest - Pets Villa
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ANIFORTE Dog PureNature Wild Forest

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Product description

Most constituents included in PureNature Wild Forest canine sustenance are derived from animal sources, comprising 88% of meat, heart, and offal. The dog food is formulated without grains and is composed entirely of natural ingredients.

To attain a state of optimal balance, it is essential to incorporate a variety of vegetables together with other vital dietary components like omega-3 fatty acids and spirulina. The formulation is designed to offer canines the necessary nutrients and flavourings they need while abstaining from using fillers or grains.

Benefits, Composition & Feeding Recommendation

>Benefits of PureNature Wild Forest:

✔ Natural dog food with 88% meat

✔ Grain-free and without artificial additives (colourings, flavourings, and preservatives) 

✔ Premium quality manufactured according to the highest food standards

✔ Contains pure, natural Omega-3 extract

PureNature Wild Forest - what's in the tin?

PureNature Wild Forest is a highly commendable canine sustenance that exclusively comprises a singular protein source. Prior to being lightly cooked, the tin is filled with raw heart and offal, ensuring that the final product attains the utmost level of quality.

Every single PureNature recipe has been meticulously formulated to promote the inherent health and overall welfare of your canine companion.

This objective is achieved by the provision of a diverse range of vegetables, along with an augmented dosage of Omega-3 extract, which serves to bolster the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

We express great satisfaction with the fact that our PureNature range is produced without the customary ingredients seen in alternative brands of dog food items. This renders it more suitable for canines exhibiting sensitivity towards specific dietary components.

The remarkable quality of our PureNature line goods may be attributed primarily to the utilisation of large quantities of freshly cooked, high-grade meat. The continuous monitoring of ingredient quality and regular veterinary examinations are conducted to ensure the safety of our ingredients.

In conjunction with these assessments, it is noteworthy that the assurance of our meat and other constituents' excellence is derived from our longstanding collaborations with reputable suppliers. This connection has a long history.

The rapid processing facilitates the preservation of ingredients, maintaining their optimal freshness and nutritious composition. By preserving the majority of essential and advantageous nutrients present in our food, we can ascertain its suitability for consumption to promote good health.

AniForte prioritises the well-being of pets, ensuring that all wet dog foods available for purchase are free from any ethically questionable chemicals. This commitment to ethical standards provides pet owners with reassurance regarding the health and welfare of their beloved companions:

  • no formed meat
  • no bone meal
  • no attractants
  • no protein substitutes such as soya
  • no artificial colourings
  • no artificial aromas
  • no EC additives
  • no conservatives

Our AniForte® products are produced using only the best ingredients and are developed in close cooperation with veterinarians, animal health practitioners and nutritionists.


88.2% venison (60.0% from venison heart, venison meat, venison liver, venison lung, venison tripe and 28.2% from venison stock), 2.0% parsley root, 2.0% courgettes, 2.0% sweet potatoes, 1.0% celeriac, 1.0% cranberries, 1.0% pear, 1.0% plum,1.0% chestnut, 0.1% eggshell powder, 0.1% herbs (thyme, rosemary), 0.1% wheat germ oil, 0.1% desiccated coconut, 0.1% spirulina, 0.1% silica, 0.1% omega-3-extract, 0.1% seaweed calcium

Analytical Components:

10.1% protein, 6.7% fat content, 2.3% crude ash, 0.6% crude fibre, 75.0% moisture, 0.21% calcium, 0.16% phosphorus

Feeding Recommendation:

Feed approx. 130g - 200g per 5 kg of body weight per day. Portion sizes must be adjusted to the animal’s requirements (activity, age, breed, size and health).

Serve at room temperature and always ensure that fresh drinking water is available.

Note: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


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