ANIFORTE Dog PureNature Wild Buffalo

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The wet dog food offered by PureNature is a comprehensive product devoid of grains and rich in meat. Its principal constituents consist of buffalo meat, spinach, and carrots.

This food exhibits exceptional suitability for canines afflicted with food allergies due to its protein source and the inclusion of supplementary fruits and vegetables, which are likely to be digested with remarkable ease.

The combination of millet and peach is used in this palatable snack that may be offered to canines. In addition, we have incorporated omega-3 extract, a substance that is highly acknowledged for its ability to enhance an individual's overall energy levels.

Benefits, Composition & Feeding Recommendation

Benefits of PureNature Wild Buffalo:

✔ 60% Buffalo content

✔ 100% Natural and complete nutrition

✔ Suitable for dogs with allergies

✔ Includes omega-3 extract to boost vitality

✔ Tasty recipe with buffalo, spinach, and carrots

What's great about PureNature Wild Buffalo?

This delectable culinary creation, tailored to meet the dietary needs of canines with special requirements, is highly beneficial for juvenile canids and senior companions of any breed. The meal is well regarded for its substantial content of advantageous vitamins, minerals, and fats, and it is popular among individuals.

The wet meals offered by PureNature are highly suitable for canine consumption due to their use of entirely natural materials throughout the preparation process. The high digestibility of AniForte® Wild Buffalo wet feed can be attributed to the deliberate selection of protein sources, vegetables, and fruits. This choice presents a commendable option for canines afflicted with diverse forms of allergies.

The Wild Buffalo, similar to the other items within the PureNature product range, is composed entirely of natural ingredients and does not incorporate any synthetic components. The broth is then reduced in the saucepan and employed for meat preservation.

We express great satisfaction in the fact that our PureNature range is produced without the customary ingredients seen in alternative brands of dog food items. This renders it more suitable for canines that exhibit sensitivity towards specific dietary components.

The success of our PureNature range may be ascribed to the utilisation of freshly prepared meat of the utmost quality. The continuous monitoring of ingredient quality is maintained, accompanied by regular veterinary checks to guarantee their safety.

However, it should be noted that the checks mentioned above do not solely guarantee the superior quality of our food. In addition, we maintain a longstanding partnership with exceptional farmers from whom we exclusively source our meat and other products.

The rapid processing facilitates the preservation of components, maintaining their optimal freshness and nutritional integrity. By preserving the majority of essential and advantageous elements in our dietary intake, we can ascertain their suitability for consumption to promote good health.

AniForte prioritises the well-being of pets, ensuring that all wet dog food products offered for sale are free from any ethically questionable chemicals. This commitment to ethical sourcing provides pet owners with reassurance regarding the health and welfare of their beloved animals:

  • no formed meat
  • no bone meal
  • no attractants
  • no protein substitutes such as soya
  • no artificial colourings
  • no artificial aromas
  • no EC additives
  • no conservatives

Our AniForte® products are produced using only the best ingredients and are developed in close cooperation with veterinarians, animal health practitioners, and nutritionists.


60.0% buffalo (consisting of meat and offal) 27.2% meat broth, 3.0% spinach, 3.0% carrots, 2.0% celery, 2.0% millet, 2.0% peach

Analytical Components:

11.0% crude protein, 6.5% crude fat, 1.3% crude ash, 0.5% crude fibre, 77.0% moisture, 0.14% calcium, 0.12% phosphorus

Feeding Recommendation:

Feed 130 - 200 g daily per 5 kg of body weight. These data are approximate values. Serve at room temperature and always provide fresh drinking water.

Note: Please store the opened can in a cool place.

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