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Product description

Animal Instincts Comfort Crate: A Safe and Cozy Haven for Your Pet

The Animal Instincts Comfort Crate was explicitly engineered to prioritise the welfare of your pet while also ensuring their safety and facilitating their mobility.

This inclosure is optimal for individuals who prioritise the well-being of their pets, regardless of whether they intend to utilise it for toilet training, transportation, or as a safe sleeping area for their feline companion during nighttime hours.

The adaptability of the subject in question renders it a highly suitable option.

Easy Assembly and Convenient Storage

One can provide a safe and secure environment for their pet by efficiently assembling the Animal Instincts Comfort Crate within a few minutes. The compactibility of the crate offers a storage space benefit, as it facilitates ease of storage during periods of non-utilization. The item can be conveniently stored until the moment arrives for one's pet to establish its own secure and cosy personal area.

Built for Strength and Durability

The Animal Instincts Comfort Crate is constructed with a layer of protective coating over steel material, rendering it highly resilient for regular and prolonged utilisation.

Pets can find solace in their box, a secure space that offers a calming atmosphere, serving as a dependable refuge during your absence.

Replace the inadequate crates that you have been using with a more dependable and robust structure, ensuring the safety and well-being of your pet.

Promoting Hygiene and Easy Maintenance

The Animal Instincts Comfort Crate has a removable plastic tray designed to fit precisely, facilitating effortless removal. This feature guarantees that your pet will consistently inhabit a clean and hygienic space.

This functional design enables users to efficiently and effortlessly clean up any accidents or liquid spills, guaranteeing that pets may consistently enjoy a clean and hygienic environment that promotes their well-being.

Bid farewell to the arduous task of diligently maintaining the cleanliness of the crate utilised by your domesticated animal, and welcome the advent of simplified maintenance.

Convenience and Portability

Even amidst the demands of daily tasks, the welfare and well-being of one's pet remain paramount concerns.

The Animal Instincts Comfort Crate is equipped with an ergonomically designed and moulded handle, which enhances convenience during the transportation of the crate.

Due to its convenient foldability and portability, the box can be easily transported, allowing pet owners to provide a secure and comfortable resting spot for their pets regardless of location.

Sizes for Every Need

Understanding that pets come in various shapes and sizes, the Animal Instincts Comfort Crate is available in multiple sizes to accommodate different breeds and preferences. Choose from the following sizes to find the perfect fit for your furry friend:

  • Size 1: 61 x 44 x 51cm
  • Size 2: 77 x 48 x 55cm
  • Size 3: 92 x 58 x 65cm
  • Size 4: 109 x 71 x 78cm

The Animal Instincts Comfort Crate serves as an excellent alternative for ensuring the well-being of pets in situations where their owners are unable to attend to their needs personally. This crate offers a secure, comfortable, and hygienic space for pets to rest.

The assembly process of this item requires a minimal time investment, typically a few minutes, and its maintenance may be easily accomplished by wiping it down with a damp cloth. One might have a sense of assurance regarding the stability and security of the enclosure for one's pet.


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