ANIMONDA Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Wellness - Pets Villa

ANIMONDA Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Wellness

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ANIMONDA Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Wellness - Pets Villa

ANIMONDA Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Wellness

Regular price £1.28
Sale price £1.28 Regular price
Product description

Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Wellness are delicious crunchy pillows, which are also full of biotin and vitamins which take care of your pets fur. These crunchy grain free cat treats will become a firm favourite with your cat.


Meat and animal derivatives (poultry), vegetables, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, milk and milk derivatives, seeds, minerals.


Analytical Composition

Protein 35 %
fat content 20 %
crude fibre 1.5 %
crude ash 6 %
moisture 6 %

Feeding Guide

Weight of the cat Pieces per day
3 kg 8
5 kg 13


Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks are designed to enhance the pleasurable munching experience for your feline companion. One way to provide a pleasurable and beneficial treat for your feline companion is by offering them Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Wellness.

These palatable and crispy cushions not only serve as a valuable provider of biotin and other helpful vitamins for enhancing the quality of your pet's fur, but they also offer an exceptional texture and taste.

The tastes of pets were considered in developing these grain-free cat nibbles, aiming to create an optimal balance between palatability and nutritional value.

A Wholesome Blend of Premium Ingredients

The product known as Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Wellness is composed of a meticulously selected combination of ingredients, including meat and animal by-products (namely poultry), vegetables, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, milk and milk derivatives, almonds, and minerals.

The mixture additionally comprises meat and animal by-products, namely chicken. This meticulously selected mixture will provide your feline companion with a nutritionally complete and well-balanced diet, promoting the cat's overall well-being.

Applying biotin and vitamins on your pet's coat will provide the necessary food to maintain health and enhance its shine.

Optimal Nutritional Composition for Vitality

The meticulous formulation employed in creating these palatable feline nibbles will enhance your cat's nutritional well-being and vitality.

Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Wellness provide a well-balanced diet for felines due to its composition, which includes 35% protein, 20% fat, and an appropriate combination of crude fibre, crude ash, and moisture.

Furthermore, it should be noted that these treats are manufactured within the borders of the United States.

The pillows' crunchy texture will please the feline's taste senses and promote their overall well-being, facilitating a vibrant and contented lifestyle.

Feeding Guide for a Tailored Snacking Routine

The Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Wellness box provides a practical feeding guide that outlines the recommended portion size for each snack, ensuring optimum consumption for your feline companion.

According to the provided guidelines, it is advised that a feline weighing 3 kilogrammes should limit its daily food intake to a maximum of 8 pieces. Conversely, a cat weighing 5 kilogrammes should ensure a minimum consumption of 13 pieces of food daily.

This practice guarantees that your domesticated cat consumes an optimal amount of these delectable goodies, which amalgamate delightful tastes with advantageous attributes for physical well-being.

Irresistible Crunchiness and Grain-Free Goodness

The crispy texture in these pillows enhances their appeal to felines beyond that of conventional snacks. These snacks are appropriate for cats with food allergies due to their lack of grains in their composition.

The highly appealing texture of Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Wellness will undoubtedly result in its rapid ascension to the favoured dietary choice of your feline companion.

Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Wellness ensures that offering a snack to your feline companion becomes a pleasurable endeavour that contributes positively to their holistic well-being.

In order to demonstrate heightened affection and regard towards one's feline companion, individuals may opt to provide them with either biotin- and vitamin-enriched crispy cushions or allocate a slightly more significant amount of personal attention.

Providing Wellness Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks will enhance your cat's snack time experience.


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