ANIMONDA Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Fresh

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Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Fresh are delicious crunchy pillows, with added vitamin C provide dental care to your pet. These crunchy grain free cat treats will become a firm favourite with your cat. 37% Poultry



Meat and animal derivatives (poultry), vegetables, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, milk and milk derivatives, seeds, minerals.


Analytical Composition

Protein 35.5 %
fat content 20 %
crude fibre 4 %
crude ash 6 %
moisture 6 %

Feeding Guide

Weight of the cat Pieces per day
3 kg 8
5 kg 13


To meet the dietary needs of your feline companion, it is advisable to offer them the Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks, which are characterised by their crispness and freshness.

Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Fresh offers a combination of dental care benefits and a satisfying crunch that fulfils the dietary needs of your feline companion.

These delectable crispy cushions have been formulated to aid in preserving your companion animal's dental well-being and fortified with vitamin C. These grain-free cat snacks were formulated to rapidly gain popularity due to their ability to provide a delightful munching experience for feline companions.

A Wholesome and Palatable Composition

The Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks are highly appealing to feline companions due to their unique composition of high-quality ingredients.

Due to the incorporation of 37% poultry, these feline nibbles are likely to be highly appreciated by the feline companions of your beloved buddy.

These treats possess a nutritional composition that is balanced and comprehensive due to the inclusion of vegetables, oils, fats, and seeds that offer advantageous properties for the well-being of your feline companion.

Analytical Composition for Optimal Feline Nutrition

The dietary requirements of felines necessitate specific considerations, which the Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Fresh have been specifically formulated to address to enhance their overall well-being.

The cat treats in question offer a nutritionally balanced composition, including adequate proportions of protein (35.5%), fat (20%), and supplementary nutrients such as crude fibre, crude ash, and moisture.

This formulation is designed to support and sustain the overall physical and mental health of your feline companion. The inclusion of Vitamin C in this product serves the purpose of enhancing the acquisition of dental care benefits by your feline companion, as well as promoting the growth of robust teeth and gums.

Feeding Guide for a Wholesome Snacking Regimen

The packaging of Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Fresh provides a feeding guide that specifies the recommended amount of snacks to be administered to your domesticated feline companion during each feeding session. 

According to our findings, felines with a body weight below three kilogrammes should limit their daily intake to a maximum of eight pieces. Conversely, felines with a body weight beyond five kilogrammes should aim to consume thirteen pieces per day. 

By offering this highly appealing and nourishing snack, individuals may be reassured that they are adequately meeting their feline companion's dietary necessities while addressing their oral health concerns.

The Animonda Milkies Crunchy Cat Snacks Fresh offers a delightful crunch that is highly enjoyable for cats and provides notable dental care advantages. These sweets possess both nutritional value and a pleasing taste.


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