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ANKUR HAMMER Dish in Copper

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Product description

Pet's Dining Experience with the Stylish Copper-Colored 

Stainless Steel Bowl

This modern culinary item crafted from stainless steel exemplifies an optimal accompaniment for a meal shared with one's domesticated animal due to its harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and functional utility.

This culinary offering is designed to provide a lavish experience for your domesticated animal, whether indulging in a delectable meal or quenching their thirst with invigorating hydration.

Determine the rationale behind including this particular dish as an essential constituent of the equipment offered for one's pet.

Key Features:

Suitable for Food or Water

Undoubtedly, the most prominent attribute of this stainless steel bowl lies in its remarkable adaptability.

The device can dispense nourishment for one's domesticated animal, providing it with its preferred sustenance while offering a source of revitalizing hydration.

Due to its versatile configuration, this product is a commendable option for individuals who possess pets and need a singular bowl capable of serving as a food and water receptacle for their animal buddies.

Hygienic and Easily Cleaned

The level of cleanliness in the bowl provided for a pet is positively correlated with the pet's overall health condition.

The pet dish is highly convenient for cleaning and sanitization due to its stainless steel construction, allowing for effortless maintenance after each usage.

Due to the minimal maintenance demands of the surface, one can consistently utilize a pristine bowl for serving food.

Dishwasher Safe

Due to its dishwasher compatibility, this bowl saves time by eliminating the need for manual hand washing. Place it in the dishwasher alongside the other dishes that need cleaning.

This feature will provide advantages to individuals who own pets and face time constraints yet prioritize the well-being and hygiene of their animal companions without making any compromises.

Rustproof, Durable, and Long-Lasting

The longevity of this bowl is ensured due to its construction from premium-grade stainless steel. The inherent property of the material to resist rust ensures the bowl's enduring aesthetic appeal, unaffected by the passage of time.

Consider allocating your financial resources towards acquiring a durable eating utensil that can endure the typical deterioration inflicted by your domesticated animal regularly while maintaining its aesthetic appeal over an extended period.

Size: 20cm

A diameter of 20 cm is sufficient in size to accommodate pet food.

This size is suitable for a diverse range of breeds, irrespective of whether one has a diminutive, furry buddy or a colossal counterpart; it accommodates everyone.

It is imperative to ensure that one's pet is not subject to any dietary restriction that may limit their food intake.

Copper-Colored Outer Bowl with Hammered Finish

Enhance the dining experience of your companion animal by introducing an elevated level of refinement to their mealtime routine.

The outer bowl, which has a copper hue, features a hammered texture, imparting an aura of refined elegance to the pet accessories.

Due to its aesthetically refined characteristics, the bowl can perform as a utilitarian item and an ornamental component.

The bowl is constructed from stainless steel, a material known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, rendering it a very suitable option for creating a refined dining area for your pet.

Ensuring that your pet has a superior dining experience during every meal is imperative.

Today presents an opportune occasion to bestow onto your domesticated animal an aura of refinement via the utilization of this product.


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