HOLLINGS Filled Hoof Dog Treat Single

HOLLINGS Filled Hoof Dog Treat Single

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Hollings Beef Filled Hoof is a fun way to promote healthy chewing with your dog. The long-lasting chewing action helps to strengthen their teeth and gums, with the reward of a tasty filling once they reach the middle. Hollings Beef Filled Hooves are a 100% natural treat, which not only helps promote good oral health with plenty of chewing but are also ideal for dogs who may have stomach sensitivities to artificial additives and grain-based ingredients.


Made from British and locally sourced cow hooves, Hollings Beef Filled Hooves are suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, and make a fantastic occupier chew, so if your dog is going through a ‘chewing spell’ during adolescence or if they need to be left alone for a longer period of time, they still have the mental and physical stimulation that chewing offers.


In addition to the 100% cow hoof, this meaty filling is made from meat, animal derivatives and wheat that promote strong bones, teeth, gums, skin, coat, and digestive system.


Hollings Beef Filled Cow Hooves are 20.9cm deep, x 7cm wide, x 6.6cm high

Not suitable for puppies younger than 16 weeks, dogs with bad teeth or elderly dogs.

Dogs should be supervised at all times whilst feeding as this product may splinter.