ANTOS Origins Olive Branch - Pets Villa
ANTOS Origins Olive Branch - Pets Villa
ANTOS Origins Olive Branch - Pets Villa
ANTOS Origins Olive Branch - Pets Villa
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ANTOS Origins Olive Branch

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Product description

Antos Origins is a high-quality, organic dog chew product specifically designed to prioritise the well-being and contentment of your canine companion. We are delighted to announce the introduction of this product.

The Origins Roots & Olive Wood chews undergo a laborious hand-crafting process encompassing many stages. Firstly, they are sourced in an eco-sustainable manner, ensuring little environmental impact.

Subsequently, the wood is carefully collected and subjected to a prolonged air-drying period lasting several months. Finally, the chews are carefully cleaned and cut to precise dimensions, ensuring suitability.

Key Features:

Antos Origins transcend the realm of mere canine treats, as they embody the culmination of meticulous artistry and are meticulously crafted to achieve unparalleled excellence. Each piece is meticulously made by hand to guarantee superior quality and extended durability.

We prioritise environmental responsibility as we demonstrate a genuine concern for the global ecosystem. The production methods employed in creating our chews prioritise environmental sustainability, striking a balance between meeting your pet's needs and conserving the natural environment.

The harvest of roots and olive wood is conducted in a manner that ensures little impact on the trees, conserving the natural balance of the surrounding environment.

The attainment of perfection might be likened to creating a masterpiece, requiring a meticulous process that involves air-drying over an extended period. Our chews possess an optimal texture for canines due to their prolonged air-drying process.

Every treat has undergone a thorough cleaning and precise trimming to ensure that your canine companion can indulge in a secure and gratifying chewing encounter with each treat.

Sustained Enjoyment: The Origins chews are designed to offer enduring satisfaction, rendering them suitable for canines of all ages, with a particular emphasis on young pups. One can fulfil their pet's inherent inclination to chew while simultaneously ensuring their contentment by offering them suitable chew toys.

Do you harbour any apprehension regarding the potential occurrence of splinter injuries? One should not allow fear to hinder their actions. Due to its origins, the utilisation of it has become superfluous. Our treats are designed to be splinter-free, ensuring that your pet may safely enjoy them without the risk of splinters.

Origins chews present a commendable alternative for promoting the long-term well-being of canines since they exhibit much lower fat content when compared to alternative treatment choices. This characteristic renders them a highly favourable option for ensuring the sustained well-being of your canine companion.

Our goods exclusively consist of natural components, without any additives or preservatives. Origins chews are deemed entirely natural and beneficial for one's health due to their exclusion of artificial additives or preservatives.

Variety Sizes:

Choose the perfect size for your furry companion:

Small (60-100g)

Medium (100-220g)

Large (220-450g)

Antos Origins – where nature, craftsmanship, and canine delight come together. Treat your dog to the best with our 100% Natural Olive Wood chews.


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