PHYTOPET Probiotic Supplement

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An all natural GLUTEN FREE prebiotic and probiotic digestive supplement.
Used daily it can help help prevent flatulence, dietary looseness, colitis, torsion & bloat, and help reduce halitosis (bad breath). It also stabilises stomach acidity, and stimulates the immune system which helps to fight infections.
Our Phytopet Pre/Pro Biotic is a blend of chicory inulin prebiotic, and SC1-1077 live yeast probotic. The live yeast acts as a barrier against harmful gut bacteria. Used daily it can help help prevent flatulence, dietary looseness, colitis, torsion & bloat, and help reduce halitosis (bad breath). It also stabilises stomach acidity, and stimulates the immune system which helps to fight infections. Also helps improve the uptake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, which can result in improved general health, skin and coat condition. Animals can’t tell us if they are feeling out of sorts, a bit bloated, or suffering from stomach pain. These symptoms can result in our pets becoming reluctant to eat, as they associate eating with the resulting discomfort. Our Pro/Pre Biotic is designed to help regulate gut activity, helping to ensure that all of the elements in the digestive process are in tip top condition, all the way from top to ‘bottom’. This should keep your pet healthy from the inside, out.


This purpose grown, organic chicory root is harvested at the peak of its sugar content in the root or tuber. The sugar content is not digested by enzymes, but only by bacteria in the gut. The sugars are referred to as Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS)
As opposed to sugar beet, which has a limited range of relatively short chain sugars, chicory root has a complex range of short and long chain sugars.
Short chain sugars tend to be digested early in the digestive process, and do not tend to survive into the hind gut of monogastrics. Most long chain sugars do survive to fuel the reproductive activity of helpful bacteria in the gut. An optimal population of these bacteria helps to ensure complete fermentation of the animals’ diet, reducing incidences of flatulence, dietary looseness, and other common digestive disorders. Additionally, the uptake of all nutrients are increased (where this is possible).

Sc1-1077 LIVE YEAST:
Is a micro-pearled, thermally protected yeast, which has many potential benefits in the digestive process.
In monogastrics the yeast has little effect in the stomach, but will scavenge oxygen if present. When the yeast transits the stomach into the gut it continues to scavenge oxygen, promoting an anaerobic environment which is favoured by the digestive bacteria. As a result, optimal numbers of helpful bacteria are present to complete the breakdown of nutrients, and by weight of numbers, competitively exclude potentially harmful bacteria.

A live yeast cell ‘resides’ for a few days within the digestive tract. It will then be carried away in the faecal stream. However, potentially harmful pathogenic bacteria will attach themselves to the yeast cell in order to consume it. Once attached, they are unable to detach themselves and are therefore also carried out in the faecal stream.
If an animal is consuming up to 2 grams of our live yeast per day, that equates to 100,000,000,000 colony feasible units (CFU’s). If each yeast CFU is carrying multiples of potentially harmful bacteria out with the animal faeces on a daily basis, it naturally limits the potential adverse effects of these bacteria on the host animal.

The presence of live yeast in an animal has also been proved to have the effect of stimulating its auto-immune response. This will have the effect of making that animal more robust, and resistant to disease threats. Its presence also encourages the reproductive activity of fibre fermenting (cellulolytic) bacteria, and lactate scavenging bacteria, which create and maintain the acidic environment.
The combination of yeast and inulin helps to reduce incidences of inappropriate fermentation, which can lead to the onset of most common digestive disorders.

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